What About Us?


PO.SO is a new way to keep your head up! The name stands for positive social. This beautiful idea actually came about in the year of 2014. I decided to launch PO.SO in the year of 2020 because as time goes on, I realize how much more positive being is needed. What better time to start than right now?! PO.SO will help myself and others to look and to move forward without a doubt. From every angle we will work together to seek, find, and share all of the positive things in the world. Whether you come here to start or brighten up your day, sleep peacefully throughout the night, share something valuable and meaningful with the world or live life to its fullest, you will find all the more reason to here! My goal with PO.SO is to shine light on the meaning of your life! 

Founder of PO.SO,

Sonya Riedel

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